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Get Bus/Train Info

Trancity gives you Bus/Train info when you need the most.

Nearest Location Search

Easiest way to find nearest Bus stops and Train stations in the city.

Easy to find Bus/Train Routes

Get the route details of Buses and Trains in the city.

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Why do you need TranCity?

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Why do you need TranCity?


Easiest way to search near by locations and transport details within seconds.

Intuitive UI/UX

The interface is very easy to understand and all the data is curated for an everyday commuter.


TranCity contains bus and train infomation, nearest locations and much more.


We strive to improve the quality of the app through user feedbacks with our built-in report machanism.

No other app has this

Crowd Sourced Information

TranCity allows user to report any information about city commute to increase the quality. So, the app will evolve over time and be accurate.

Completely Offline (next version)

For those who are concerned about mobile data, we are working on a fully offline version to provide commute information for our city.

Developers API (coming soon)

We plan to provide Developers API, so that you can make use of the commute information from TranCity in your projects.

Real Time Information (coming soon)

We have real time information on the cards for future releases. This will make the app more complete and one stop solution for all commuters in the city.


How We Build
This Awesome App

Little story of app development

We have a simple idea, to make commuting in Chennai a pleasant experience. We started with Chitti, to provide the best UI for the data an everyday commuter needs. We iterate a lot in design and prototypes just to make sure you get nothing short of a great experience.

We are focussed to present you the underlying data in the most intuitive way. We made sure TranCity feels refreshing eventhough you will use it a lot of times in a day. This is for you and we can't wait for you to benefit from it!

We saw Potential

The people in the city spend atleast an hour of their day in commuting via buses and trains. Most of them have a smartphone and with the number of smartphone users only going north, we saw this as an opportunity to provide them the best commuting experience.

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Our Data
New Odessa Times

Open Street Maps

Open Street Maps provide nearest transport spots with reliable accuracy using positional values.



Bus stops and Bus routes data that cover the entire fleet.


Southern Railway

Reliable data of well connected routes and stations in the suburban.

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